Serverless - what it brings to us

In 2010 there was a first serverless provider PiCloud, by 2019 every major company providing cloud do Server-less including Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Amazon. You can much more easily scale your applications, get rid of infrastructure management and develop more beautiful code.

If you believe that AWS Lambda functions are just about short Python code, think again. You can develop complex event-driven architecture with logging, scaling, debugging, CI/CD pipelines and much more.

It is also truth that you pay only as you go. If you get more paying customers your infrastructure costs rise same as your revenue. Besides that you can write effective mobile and web applications using for example JavaScript framework like React.

But there are some limits. For example it takes time to start functions on first calls or there is a time limit to long running functions.



Martin Konicek

I am helping companies to grow their infrastructure, automate deployments and provide stability of their environments. I have accomplished this several times, some companies which had unstable ...