Workshop - Optimize Your Quality Stages in CI CD Pipelines

There are many different viewpoints when it comes to developing code. However, most companies can agree on time to market and quality code as two of the most important aspects of development. To expedite time to market, many companies build CI CD pipelines to automate the build integrate and deploy processes. But, what about quality code? How can companies ensure quality is included throughout their CI CD pipeline? One way to address this challenge is to optimize the quality stages of the CI CD pipeline. Companies can improve their static code analysis, unit testing, code coverage, and post-deployment testing stages to ensure code quality is automatically built into the process. Join David Dang to dive deeper into the best practices of implementing quality stages in the CI CD pipeline and why it’s an important step toward DevOps maturity. Explore the value of static code analysis tools check for code quality and cyber security vulnerabilities. The importance of writing good unit testing scenarios; positive, negative, and boundary tests. The usage of code coverage to gain insight into under-covered code. And leveraging post-deployment testing, backend, services, and UI, to gauge stability of the application. David’s session will provide various tips and tricks to ensure you’re implementing your quality stages properly and interesting anecdotes from customers he has helped get back on track.



David Dang

David Dang, VP of DevOps and Automation Solutions for Zenergy Technologies, has been a leading figure in the software automation industry for over twenty years. At Zenergy, David coaches companies in ...