Security in CI CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline

Today we are talking a lot about security, data protection, prvacy, but we are forget one pretty important stuff, a secure code. Normally most of IT professionals or security experts expect attack from outside. But what if the real enemy is our code? Many times we see that someone from developers forget to delete credentials from code, or just hard-code passwords, database endpoints, etc. From security perspective its very hard to detect it if app is already deployed. AWS has a lot of great products related to development and operations. In this session I would like to present how Voyego integrate security into our ci/cd pipelines using AWS services as well.



Mirza Dautbegovic

My name is Mirza and I’m focused on Cloud technologies and DevOps culture. I build infrastructure on AWS and Azure. Also I work with hybrid Cloud solutions. Currently I work as DevOps Engineer ...