The Role of Context in Observability

DevOps teams now have access to powerful monitoring solutions to track operational data and extract insights into where their work can add the most customer value. But, as IT systems grow in scale and complexity, these teams lose sight of a crucial piece of the puzzle: context.

Without additional information to put context around monitoring and observability data, teams can’t optimize resource allocation and can miss out on vital fixes affecting the customer experience.

This talk explores what context looks like at each stage of modern DevOps cycles, and the practical ways in which teams can best use context across the entire CI/CD pipeline.

Attendees will learn:

*How trends in IT Ops and DevOps impact the contextual role of metadata accompanying traditional time-series data. *The role of clustering/correlation/enrichment to provide context for incident management. *Methods to easily turn context into customer value without increasing toil.



Richard Whitehead

Chief Evanglist, Moogsoft

Richard Whitehead serves as Chief Evangelist of Moogsoft. With more than two decades of industry experience, he has a keen sense of what is required to make a