devopsdays Seattle - Sponsor Drawings

We know many of our sponsors intend to do some sort of drawing / lottery at the event. This is a great way to ask attendees to opt-in to receiving more information with you in the future. How you run your drawing is completely up to you, but we have some suggestions.

  • There are no badge scanners, so you’ll need a way to collect entries
  • Most of the attendees will not have business cards. If you plan to do something like a physical bowl you’ll want to make sure you have something for people to write on.
  • Many sponsors use something like Google Forms on a laptop / tablet to allow entries.

Choosing your winner(s)

Again, you’re welcome to choose your winner(s) and award the prize as you see fit. However, if you want to present the prize to the winner in front of the audience we have a procedure. This is designed to make sure it goes reasonably quickly and still gives you the opportunity to take pictures and such.

  • DevOpsDays Seattle volunteers will announce the names of your winners during the closing ceremony
  • If your winner must be present to win you’ll need to provide us a list of 10 names an hour in advance. We’ll call the names one at a time until we get to a winner.
  • If your winner does not need to be present to win you can give us one name to announce if you’d like.
  • No “live picking” of the winners will be allowed (it takes too much time)
  • Sponsors should line up with their prizes beside the stage. When your winner is announced they will come to you so that you can present the prize / take pictures, etc.
  • As the previous winner is making their way to the side of the stage we’ll announce the winner for the next sponsor.

We’ll be running a “Sponsor Bingo” drawing to drive more traffic to the sponsor tables.

The winner of this drawing will get a brand new MacBook with a retail value of $1,600. This awesome prize is sure to create a buzz and get some folks to your tables.

  • Every person will be given a card with all of your logos on it.
  • You will be provided with a unique stamp.
  • When asked, please stamp on top of your logo on their cards.
    • Do not stamp anyone else’s logo
    • Please don’t require attendees to watch a demo or similar to receive the stamp. The goal is to drive traffic to the table, but it’s up to your presentation to make them want to stay.