devopsdays Tel Aviv - Location


Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University

Dr George Wise St, Tel Aviv-Yafo (link)


Smolarz Auditorium is located inside Tel Aviv University and offers easy transport options and accessibility.
If you are coming by public transportation, have a look at the Moovit app or website, that can provide the best information for bus, train or other public transport options.
If you are coming by train, get off at the Tel Aviv University station. From there, exit to the Tel Aviv University side of the station, from there you will have many bus lines that will take you directly to Tel Aviv University. The relevant stop is the Haim Levanon/Dr. George Wise stop. In Tel Aviv there are many other options for public transportation including Bubble (a ride-sharing service), bicycles and scooters for rent (Birds & Winds), and much more. If you have any questions regarding getting to the venue, please make sure to contact us.


For particpants coming by car, there are multiple parking lots around the Tel Aviv University grounds. We are checking on the possibility for parking discounts.


Tel Aviv is home to Israel's most prestigious beachfront hotels. The main stretch of hotels is right across from the Tel Aviv Marina. You can find more information about the location of the various hotels here.


Tel Aviv is one of the most culturally diverse cities you will ever see. There is a multitude of sights, tours, and museums that visitors can enjoy during their stay in Israel.

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