Digital Nomad +4 - Are You Serious?

In 2019, Yaron, quit his job, left his home and bought a one way ticket to Thailand, a one-year trip was planned, well… man plans and COVID coughs in their face. One year of travelling turned into two, and three months in Vietnam turned into a year and a half. In this talk, I will give you an inside look at traveling with kids, how remote work looks when it’s really really remote. I will give you advice on taking the first steps into becoming a digital nomad and will share the lesson learned ( if there is one ) from my experience.



Yaron Amir

A devops engineer @ Capitolis, and the founder of OpsSchool, over the last two years Yaron lived in the Far east with his wife and 4 kids while working as a devops engineer from the most exotic places in the world.