Continuous Improvement from Day One - An FNG's Onboarding Journey

Hiring sucks, but on-boarding is NP-hard.

You’ve spent 100 hours or more to hire just the right engineers. From combing through 100s of resumes to carefully reading code samples of the few who made it to the final steps of your interview process. The offers are accepted and the start dates are set.

Now what?

It’s time to make the new hire feel welcome. It’s time to put them in a situation from day one where they have a goal to achieve. They need this work to drive them to the behaviors and norms of your existing team.

On-boarding with Contrast Security’s Cloud Engineering team is an engineered experience that allows new hires, from day one, to contribute to the team, experience it’s norms and live it’s rituals. For each new engineer the process improves.

You’ll walk away from the session with the basic framework for building an on-boarding program, but more than that, the meta-view of ensuring it is a constantly improving itself and the team for each new engineer you hire.

In short, on-boarding is hard, but rubbing some of that DevOps Continuous Improvement sauce on it moves it from chore to team win.



Boyd Hemphill

Boyd Hemphill is a DevOps raconteur in the silicon hills of Austin Texas. Boyd founded and organizes the Austin DevOps Meetup. He is part of the DevOps Days Austin Organizers team. In his professional ...