Un-paving the Road to Ruin: An Exploration of DevOps Journey Potholes

By now we’re all doing “the DevOps”, but what happens when things start to go off the rails? Have you taken a wrong turn in your implementation? How will you even know if a wrong turn was taken? During this talk, I would like to share three key areas; tool creep, top-down and directive DevOps, and aversion to standards, where a DevOps implementation can go off the rails. I also intend to discuss how you, the DevOps practitioner, can use your unique role, experience, and expertise to aid in keeping your organization on a healthy, paved DevOps path.



Brittany Woods


Brittany Woods is an automator of things based in central Missouri. During her career in technical roles spanning across both the financial and the automotive sector, Brittany has been a major