Texas DevOps Community Fire Starter Chat

Join us as we talk with DevOps Community leaders across Texas to explore how our communities are doing, where we see opportunities, how you can start a community elsewhere, and how you can get involved in igniting some DevOps fires (not dumpster fires or tire fires) where you are.



Boyd Hemphill

Boyd Hemphill is a DevOps raconteur in the silicon hills of Austin Texas. Boyd founded and organizes the Austin DevOps Meetup. He is part of the DevOps Days Austin Organizers team. In his professional ...reggie-davis

Reggie Davis

Reggie is SRE for Schlumberger who has a passion for cloud-native application development through the use of tools like Kubernetes and Golang, as well as, improving the culture of technology by ...mike-rosado

Mike Rosado


Many people know Mike on social media as bona fide Señor Pinky 👁️♥️2️⃣💪♀️⚙️👩‍💻 for a couple of reasons, just AHA (ask him anything). Mike enjoys sharing his views as it relates to the cultural


Laura Santamaria

As LogDNA’s Developer Advocate, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work. She bridges the gap between external developers and SREs and internal engineering teams. Prior to LogDNA, ...