devopsdays Texas - Sponsor

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring, please checkout our prospectus or drop us an email at [[email protected] ].

devopsdays is a self-organizing conference for practitioners that depends on sponsorships. We do not sell product presentations or distribute attendee contact lists. Sponsors have the opportunity to have short elevator pitches during the program and will get recognition on the website and social media before, during and after the event. Sponsors are encouraged to represent themselves by actively participating and engaging with the attendees as peers. Any attendee also has the opportunity to demo products/projects as part of an open space session.

The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at devopsdays on their own terms.

Virtual Platform

Discord is our platform of choice for the virtual venue. It’s been used to host virtual DevOpsDays events including DevOpsDays Chicago 2020. Discord provides several capabilities for virtual events including automated attendee registration, breakout rooms with video, and private channels for coordination.

Packages for 2021

Package Price Purchase What You Get
Captioning $5,500 Sold Out Do you want to really stand out with your sponsorship? If so, the Captioning Sponsorship will set you apart from the crowd. We have two openings, one for each day of the conference. Your company will be featured on our transcription streams. This also includes everything from the Gold Package.
Gold $3,000 Sold Out Our highest visibility package also includes Voice and Audio in your very own DIscord Channel. Beyond that you’ll get premium placement for your pre-recorded pitch and access to 5 emojis on Discord.
Silver $2,000 Sold Out A step down from Gold, the Silver package still includes a 2 minute pre-recorded pitch and 3 custom emojis in Discord. This is great for sponsors that want to engage with our attendees but don’t need full Audio and Video for their Sponsor Channel.
Bronze $1,000 Sold Out If you want to find your next hire or need to build out your team, this package is great for advertising open positions and drawing quality candidates.
Community Free Email us Are you a Meetup, a social organization in the STEM field, or another conference? If so please consider becoming a Community Sponsor (for free!) and help build out our network of DevOps enthusiasts. We also provide a free channel on our Discord server where you can engage with your community.


   View the DevOpsDays Texas 2021 Sponsor Prospectus

Sponsorship Package Comparison

Sponsor Packages Captioning
(max 2)
Gold Silver Bronze Community
Price (USD) $5,500 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 Free
Emoji on Discord 5 5 3 1 1
Pre-Recorded Pitch 2 Minutes 2 Minutes 2 Minutes 1 Minute 1 Minute
Logo on website and title cards Large Large Medium Small Small
Sponsor channel Individual Sponsor text chat channel and a voice/audio channel Individual Sponsor text chat channel and a voice/audio channel Individual Sponsor text chat channel Individual Sponsor text chat channel Individual Community text chat channel

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about any of the sponsorship packages.