Asynchronous Development for Hybrid Remote Teams

The abrupt rise of work-from-home in 2020 is one of the biggest changes the software development community has ever experienced. As big as the Agile and DevOps movements.

Agile helped us eliminate slow, waterfall development and validation cycles. DevOps helped us close the delivery gap. And the global pandemic of 2020 forced our teams to deliver value and to stay connected to business and customers while in different locations at different times.

We call this new way of working Asynchronous Development. Async Dev builds on the innovations from Agile and DevOps and adds new ideas and practices to help make hybrid remote dev teams successful in 2020.


Ori Keren

Ori Keren is the CEO and Co-founder at LinearB. Additionally, Ori Keren has had 3 past jobs including VP of Advanced Development & Cyber Intelligence at CloudLock. He found his passion in ...