devopsdays Zürich (Winterthur) - Covid-19

The COVID-19 situation in Switzerland is improving at this point in time, so that we're go for an in-person event allowing access to everyone who is either vaccinated, tested or convalesced from COVID-19. This means that only persons with a valid COVID-Certificate and a valid ID (e.g. driving license or passport) are allowed access to the DevOpsDays Zürich 2021. Data and reports on the epidemiological situation in Switzerland can be found here: Situation in Switzerland

DevOpsDays Zürich 2021 COVID-19 protection concept

Therefore, we plan to hold DevOpsDays Zurich 2021 as an in-person event. However, we will work out a detailed COVID-19 concept for the event which will be updated constantly, to make the situation on site as safe as possible for everyone. The detailed COVID-19 concept will be communicated at a later point in time.

COVID-19 Measures

Please note that all measures and rules given by the Swiss government apply to DevOpsDays Zurich 2021 and you’ll need to comply with these rules or you cannot attend the event.
Measures and ordinances

COVID-19 Travel:

If you are traveling to Switzerland, please read the following travel information carefully before entering Switzerland and the Swiss government FAQ.
Entering Switzerland
Questions and answers on entry and stay in Switzerland

COVID-19 Refund Policy:

Your ticket gets refunded when you are not able to travel due to travel restrictions or if you cannot attend due to a COVID-19 injection or suspicion.