DevOps 101 Workshop


When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. This can make it really difficult to get your feet underneath you on an unfamiliar landscape, especially for junior engineers. What does DevOps really mean? What’s all…

Up to 30 attendees

Requirements to participate

  • Laptop
  • JFrog Free Cloud Account (This is free, no credit card is required. It includes access to Artifactory and Xray, with a limited amount of storage and transfer)
  • Docker (The Docker client should be installed and configured on your machine, before the workshop )
  • Git + GitHub (GitHub account is required so that you can fork this repository, and Git must be configured in your terminal so that you can clone it. )
  • Code editor (Whatever you are most comfortable with)



Batel Zohar


Developer Advocate

Batel Zohar is a Developer Advocate for JFrog and has a background in DevOps support engineering, web development, and embedded software engineering. Prior to this, Batel served as