Whole Wide World of DevOps: Are You Lost Yet?


Collectively every piece of software we build and develop has a purpose within and a tremendous impact on the direction of tech overall. In a nutshell, all we want is to move fast, and faster if possible. Adapt this technology faster, build this team faster, push your software faster. I would like to invite us to stop and look around. What are the things that we may be possibly missing by going at this pace?

This talk will take us to a place where we look at DevOps from a perspective that is different from day-to-day work. A perspective that we explore to see where we, humans, stand in this space. Let’s hope we wave at each other.



Busra Koken


Site Reliability Engineer at Datadog

Busra is an SRE at Datadog where she works on technical & organizational challenges to make the platform more resilient. Her career spanned over 6 years