Olowoniwa Gabriel Ayokunle

CyberSecurity Analyst/Software Developer

I am a Cybersecurity Analyst/Software Developer with years of experience, a graduate of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, University of Ilorin. I have undergone different levels of cybersecurity training and incidence management and I have built countless software products.

I have strong written and verbal communications, I learn, think, share and create with so much fun!

I possess developed cybersecurity analytical skills with a strong aptitude for conceptualizing problems and developing well-reasoned and logical perspectives. I am unconventional and imaginative in my approach to life and seek out new challenges and experiences wherever possible.

I am self-driven and tend to approach my work in a structured and disciplined way. More so, I am fun to be with and I am excited about solving problems, with a knack of demystifying difficult concepts.

Olowoniwa Gabriel Ayokunle at Zürich (Winterthur) 2021

Olowoniwa Gabriel Ayokunle