DevOps for Entrepreneurs

“Think big, start small, scale fast” - The Startup Way is trending as an adventure everyone should try at least once, if for nothing else than the right to wear the “I Eat Failure For Breakfast” T-shirt. Here’s what Entrepreneurs need to know about DevOps if they are going to get away with software.

The majority of startups are essentially software businesses, that is; the product is software. But typical entrepreneurs and innovators are first and foremost business developers and not necessarily tech savvy, which puts a lot of startups in the awkward position that they are trying to get away with software, without knowing much about it.

9 out of 10 startups fail. Some of them because the idea didn’t have the right market fit - no worries; these startups are meant to die. But a substantial amount of startups fail because the software can’t carry the weight of the scale-up that follows the successful market fit. This is worrying; these startups could live - if only the entrepreneurs understood the nature of software.

This talk is about DevOps, Kaizen, Hockey Sticks, Yoda, Production-like environments, Serverless and Metered funding.

If you are an Entrepreneur in a startup, you’ll get insights into - just maybe - How To Get Away With Software. If you are a Full stack’er in a startup, you’ll learn how you can best sustain the fabled and mythical market fit.



Lars Kruse & Simon Grønborg

Simon is a young T-shaped software developer. He’s experienced in creating successful SaaS products utilizing serverless technology.

Lars is old enough to Simon’s father and experienced in Dev and Ops and DevOps.