Set up a quality culture in a scale-up, from where to start?

Your company is starting to scale, the number of incidents is increasing from release to release, customer complaints are piling up, and you think it’s the right time to build a quality culture, but you don’t know where to start? Implementing quality of service culture requires education and change management practices, especially in a fast-growing environment. Having joined MANGOPAY in 2017, I had the experience of being the only QA for a team of 40 people and succeeded in changing mindsets about the positioning and value of quality with perceptible added value at all levels of the company. In this talk, I tell you my story and share with you all the levers I was able to implement to support scalability through quality!



Farah Chabchoub

Strategic QA Director, with a background in machine learning engineering, Farah has been particularly interested in innovation and service quality improvement since her first career steps. After an ...