Application Design Parables: What Real Life Teaches us about Proper Application Design

The world is filled with concrete and tactile examples of poor application design and its impact on the real world. Come and listen to stories like:

What a story about fixing a broken toilet teaches us about technical debt, design, and sometimes getting it to work isn’t enough. What telemarketing practices teach us about application security What being illogical humans who are naturally biased means to our decisions around technology and architecture What can Chick-Fil-A teach us about queuing, prioritization, and servicing requests What do Las Vegas Buffets teach us about Licensing of software?

And more!



Matt Yonkovit

Matt Yonkovit has been in the Open Source Database Community for over 15 years working for MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, Mattermost, and Percona. Matt has held technical roles, management, and executive ...