The State of DevOps - Capabilities for Building High-performing Technology Teams

Technology drives value and innovation in every organization. At Google Cloud, we have learned a lot about what it takes to build and scale high-performing technology teams. Our own lived experience combined with a multi-year research program led by the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team can be used to help you and your team transform into a high-performing technology team.

This talk will dive into some of the findings of the DORA research program including:

  1. The highest performers are growing and continue
  2. SRE and DevOps are complementary philosophies.
  3. More teams are leveraging the cloud and see significant benefits from doing so.
  4. A secure software supply chain is both essential and drives performance.
  5. Good documentation is foundational for successfully implementing DevOps capabilities.
  6. A healthy team culture mitigates burnout during challenging circumstances.

We will couple these findings with stories from the field about how teams are putting these ideas into practice. There will be success stories and cautionary tales: let’s all learn from one another.

Spoiler alert! The best teams focus on getting better at getting better. You can do this, too!



Amanda Lewis

Amanda has spent her career building connections across leadership, developers, product managers, project management, and operators through working on teams that developed e-commerce platforms, ...nathen-harvey

Nathen Harvey


Developer Advocate, Google

Nathen Harvey has built a career on helping teams realize their potential while aligning technology to business outcomes. Nathen has had the privilege of working with some