Its Time We Rethink On-Call Culture

On-call culture has changed little since the start of software development, unlike other major cultural shifts witnessed in development practices and technologies. It’s time to rethink on-call is and rebuild it with a human-first approach for a more effective and sustainable on-call practice.

When we deconstruct on-call we see two main areas. The first is the Human level considerations and the second is the Technical level considerations, and the battle is to balance these two areas to ensure a resilient and sustainable on-call practice.

This talk answer how can we boost on-call practices to take into account the Human-Level objectives without dislodging the importance of Technical-Level objectives?

  • Revisit on-call response strategies

  • Proactive approach (Stop looking at on-call in isolation and more with through lense of DevOps)

  • Empower on-call responders

The talk aims to present each of the solution areas above and dive deep into practical case studies and actual stories to demonstrate what works for what types of team and what should be avoided.



Sarjeel Yusuf

Product Manager at Datadog and AWS Community Builder for Serverless, Sarjeel loves to leverage his technical background in building next-gen solutions for development teams. Passionate about DevOps ...