The power of mentorship

Facing a challenge and being able to overcome it on my own provides me with a great sense of accomplishment. It sometimes also provides me with less positive thoughts:

  • Why did this take me so long?
  • Did I find the best solution?
  • I can’t be the only one facing this problem?

Being able to discuss problems or challenges with a more seasoned colleague, or someone outside of the company, provides insight and will improve the end result. Or maybe you can help your less experienced colleagues with some of the knowledge you’ve built during your tenure.

In these 10 minutes I will talk about different levels of mentorship, how it adds value to your career, and how to use it as a teambuilding exercise. I will highlight benefits for both sides of the equation. Whether you are looking for wise words or you are the seasoned colleague sitting on good advice; this talk will give practical tips on how to get started right away!



Tom Stille

Tom is a team-oriented Azure cloud consultant. With his background as a teacher he is constantly sharing knowledge trying to get the best out of his colleagues. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Tom ...