Capture the Flag - Kubernetes Edition

Delve deeper into the dark and mysterious world of Kubernetes security! Exploit a supply chain attack and start your journey deep inside the target infrastructure, exploit your position to hunt and collect the flags, and hopefully learn something new and wryly amusing along the way!

Attendees can play six increasingly beguiling and demanding scenarios to bushwhack their way through the dense jungle of Kubernetes security. Everybody is welcome, from beginner to hardened veteran, as we venture amongst the low-hanging fruits of insecure configuration and scale the lofty peaks of cluster compromise!

To attend this workshop, you will need a laptop (or tablet if so inclined) as well as a basic understanding of how to interact with Linux from a terminal (e.g. ls, cd, cat, grep). You will be given access to a cluster and it’s up to you if you’d like to run this alone or as part of a team.



Francesco Beltramini

Francesco is a Security Professional with 10+ years of working experience and deep technical competence matured on a number of high-end projects for both public and private sector organizations. ...james-cleverly-prance

James Cleverley-Prance

James works as a Cloud Native Security Engineer at ControlPlane. He spends his days focusing on static and dynamic security assessments covering cloud native, infrastructure as code, policy as code, ...