Learn to break the web

OWASP security knowledge framework introduced a way of deploying interactive hacking labs easily from the UI!

Use the OWASP SKF to train yourself or your entire team to exploit and mitigate web application vulnerabilities.

From XSS to insecure object deserialization attacks, we have them all! For each lab we have, we also provide an extensive write-up that guides you trough the attacks step-by-step.

In our session:

  • We will show you how the SKF is set-up, so you can get started.
  • Use SKF to generate security requirement to mitigate the threats in the labs
  • Implement mitigations in the labs code and verify them by means of automated testing



Riccardo Ten Cate


As a penetration tester from the Netherlands Riccardo specializes in application security and has extensive knowledge in securing applications in multiple coding languages.

Riccardo has many years of


Glenn ten Cate

As a coder, hacker, speaker, trainer and security researcher employed at ING bank in Belgium as the Security Manager, Glenn has over 15 years experience in the field of security.

As of 2022 Glenn is