More YAML with your coffee please!

When deploying your applications to Kubernetes, do you find the need to context switch and use multiple tools to define external resources? Wouldn’t it be easier to define your application components and dependencies, using the same declarative method, taking a configuration as data approach?

As a developer you are often asked to learn “all the tools” for application and infrastructure deployments. Terraform, while great for operations and platform folks, can be overkill for deploying application dependencies and adds complexity to the lifecycle management of your application.

While I constantly look at ways to reduce the amount of yawn inducing YAML I need, wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your entire application deployment via the same tools? Join me to walk through a developer focused example to showcase how to simplify many aspects of deploying and managing applications with Kubernetes resource model (KRM).



Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards is the DevOps Technology Practice Lead for Google Cloud UK, specialising in application/software delivery and operations. He has vast experience, wearing many hats (for example operations, ...