Introduction to Eduscrum

The eduScrum framework offers opportunities for project based education for students of all ages that will be more focussed on their specific needs. How can we change the way we teach our students and get them all actively involved, with more autonomy in their learning process? This talk will show you examples of eduScrum projects in higher education where we’ll see what changes could be made in both the structure of the curriculum and the way of testing, to enable an agile learning experience with trust, safety, transparency and collaboration as guiding principles. We discuss what that means for the work of a teacher in preparation and their role as a coach during the semester, as well as the impact for the students.



Suzanne Lagerweij

Suzanne is a certified scrum master with a Master’s in Child development and Education. She works as a teacher, trainer and researcher for the University of Applied Sciences and eduScrum. Suzanne ...