Design Thinking: At Work & IRL

Design Thinking is a proven approach to innovation that allows companies to quickly ideate, prototype, and launch products to market. It’s been used by companies from Apple to Toyota to Nike, from Big Tech to Pharma industries and everything in between. What if I told you that you can use the same framework to ideate and advance any area of your life? Stuck in a rut career wise and don’t know what to do next? A design thinking approach can help. Need to get healthy and shed a few quarantine pounds? A design thinking approach can help. Learn an overview of this simple but effective approach, and use it in any area of your life that needs advancing… at work or IRL.


Cassie Parlotto

Cassie Parlotto has been a Senior Product Manager in Atlanta for ten years. She’s worked at some big companies, like The Home Depot and Oracle, but also a couple smaller shops including her ...