Developer Experience (DX) and Doughnuts

Improving efficiency and the innovation flywheel can boil down to developer experience (DX). Improving your tastebuds can boil down to doughnuts. If your internal customers e.g the developers are happy they can make your external customers happy. As competition is fierce for talent and systems continue to grow more complex and distributed, ensuring that developers are ramped quickly and can start iterating on their ideas are crucial.

In this session learn about:

  • What are the pillars of developer experience (DX)
  • How can you measure (DX)
  • All analogies will be based on doughnuts.


Ravi Lachhman

Ravi Lachhman is the Field CTO at Shipa, a cloud-native application-as-code platform. Prior to Shipa, Ravi was an Evangelism Leader / Chief Architect at Harness. Ravi has held various sales and ...