devopsdays Austin - Propose

Call for proposals opens Monday, Jan 24, 2022.
Call for proposals closes Friday, Mar 4, 2022.
Selected proposals will be announced on Monday, Mar 7, 2022.

Retrospective Talks

The main presentation format will be a 20 minute talk (slides optional) on what you’ve learned from your DevOps journey. This can be broad or focused (think the range of responses you get at an actual class reunion if you asked someone “what have you been up to for the last ten years” or “what’s been the most important to you over the last ten years”). It’s OK for these to be conversational and intimate.

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Reunion Toasts

Come and share who, what, why you are grateful for from the world of DevOps in a 5 minute lightning talk format. Slides are optional, just a standup and talk format. Share a short story of gratitude related to your DevOps Journey.

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Retrospective Essays for the Yearbook

We are creating a printed yearbook prior to the event. Since we anticipate we will get far more great retrospectives than we have speaking spots for, we also have some opportunities for short retrospective essay submissions for inclusion in the yearbook.

The theme and spirit for the essays is the same as the talk submissions and focused on the journey and reunion. We suggest that essays are more focused on one pivotal point in your journey and expanded in more detail and depth accommodated in the written format. Essays should be no more than 500 words (classic short essay format).

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