Operating DevOps at Scale

Advanced is the UK’s third-largest provider of business software and services. With a £254m turnover, 19,000+ customers and 2,400+ employees it’s safe to say that operating DevOps at scale is important! Especially when you consider that there are more than 100 DevOps teams currently operating across the business…

In this talk, Martin Reynolds, Head of DevOps will share how Advanced currently operates DevOps at Scale, touching on the challenges they have encountered so far and sharing the insights they have gained through first-hand experience.

Takeaways from this session include:

  • The importance of culture and how to foster collaboration across teams
  • Why automation and repeatability are critical to success with DevOps tools
  • How an obsession with testing has made the difference between success and failure



Martin Reynolds

Martin Reynolds is Head of DevOps at One Advanced. Martin is passionate about DevOps, working to improve processes, patterns and practices whilst creating a culture that allows developers to thrive and deliver.