Enterprise Roadmap for SRE


  • Learn about the challenges of adopting site reliability engineering (SRE) in enterprises, and how we recommend cloud customers go about this journey:
    • Influence adoption of SRE best practices by Cloud customers through evaluating their existing environment and architecture
    • Identify how SRE guiding principles fit into a cloud customers existing organization (e.g. how to embrace risk)
    • Adapt SRE practices for a cloud customers existing team structure and knowledge
    • Nurture a successful SRE initiative outside of Google
  • Stepping through the report:
    • Getting Started with Enterprise SRE
    • Why the SRE Approach to Reliability?
    • SRE Principles
    • SRE Practices
    • Actively Nurturing Success
    • Not Just Google

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to improve the odds that SRE will be successful in your Enterprise
  • Hear some examples of teams who have tried in the past and what problems they encountered, and what they did to overcome them!
  • Understand the level of reliability and investment is not the same for every organization, know before you go!



Steve McGhee

Steve was an SRE at Google for about 10 years in Android, YouTube and Cloud. He then joined a company to build reliable systems on the Cloud. Now he’s back at Google, helping more companies do that.james-brookbank

James Brookbank

James Brookbank is a cloud solutions architect at Google. Solution architects help make cloud easier for Google’s customers by solving complex technical problems and providing expert architectural ...