Zero to Secure: Using Open Service Mesh to Easily Reduce Your Kubernetes Attack Surface

As applications are being built on modern platforms like the cloud and Kubernetes, we need to continue to answer these important security questions: Who can access what? What happens when (not if) an intruder gets into my Kubernetes cluster? What can they do? What data can they see and steal? Service meshes can answer these questions and bring important benefits to the software ecosystem. Let’s get hands on with Open Service Mesh to demonstrate how this can be done in a quick, easy, and effortless way. You shouldn’t have to be a service mesh expert to harden your Kubernetes cluster.

Follow along as Thomas Stringer, a project maintainer, introduces Open Service Mesh, an Envoy-based Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) service mesh. You will walk away from this session knowing how to effectively and effortlessly implement defense in depth in your Kubernetes cluster: All with no application or code changes. After entering a few commands and understanding a few basic topics, you will be able to answer all those intimidating security questions with confidence!



Thomas Stringer

Thomas Stringer is a Principal Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft, and enjoys all things programming. He is primarily focused on Kubernetes, Linux, DevOps, and the cloud. When not on a computer, ...