Large Scale // Small Scale - Building Little Apps

One way to get really good at DevOps is to get a job at a fast-moving startup that absolutely needs you to be really good at DevOps, and then run like hell until you get that good. Another way is to convince your current employer to do DevOps or do more DevOps, and then practice there.

A third way is to practice at home.

DevOps at home is an invaluable, if underutilized experience to learn how to design, build, and operationalize applications. Ultimately, there are no customers more demanding than family, housemates, spouses, and significant others.

In this talk, I tell stories from my own experience building little apps over the past 3 years for my wife and children to use.



James Hunt


Founding Member & Principal Consultant at Vivanti

James Hunt is a Founding Member and Principal Consultant at Vivanti, a cloud and data consulting firm that believes in the best people using the