The Observant Developer - OpenTelemetry from code to prod

Observability can be about more than pretty dashboards, it can be a powerful tool for designing better code. A part of the modern developer’s stack. Just like tests, metrics and traces can be leveraged to challenge code assumptions and develop for real-world requirements in an evidence-based manner.

Developer observability can help us write better code, improve the dev process and roll out more scalable and mature system capabilities. This session will explore practical ways in which OpenTelemetry combined with open-source tools such as Jaeger, Prometheus, and others can be integrated into the modern development stack.

This talk is relevant to any Developer or DevOps practitioner seeking to understand how to use current observability technologies effectively.



Roni Dover


Infovore, product developer, and a board game geek. Writing and talking about development practices, Devops, and design/architecture topics.

Holistic developer and software builder with a passion for