Ahmed Ameen

Ahmed is a Performance Excellence Expert at SECC of ITIDA in Egypt. An Innovation Award winner, dynamic Expert who leads and delivers rapid strategic business values. Experience across companies in various markets and technologies, Agile mindset oriented; focused on customer satisfaction, Team Building and Technical excellence for rapid continuous delivery, with +20 years of experience in the field, covering all aspects; starting from development to value driven strategic leadership.

Ahmad’s experience combines managing, mentoring, coaching, training, and assessing software development professionals / companies on Agile Adoption, DevOps adoption, technical practices, CMMI implementation, Project Management, as well as Enterprise Architecture.

Trained +1200 trainees in Agile/Scrum/Adv. Agile Management/DevOps.

Lead Agile/DevOps transformation in +50 teams.

Organizer/Speaker in many devopsdays conference.

Ahmed Ameen at Cairo 2022

Ahmed Ameen