Manasés Jesús

Lead API and Microservices Advocate

Manasés Jesús has been happily hacking since high school employing different programming languages, tech-stacks and software development methodologies.

He has architected and implemented distributed systems, mobile and cloud-native applications, as well as led projects and delivered working software to a range of international corporations in the IT, banking and IoT sectors.

He has a wide range of interests and expertise, including full-stack development, API design, and developer experience and advocacy.

DevRel at heart, architect by role and entrepreneur since childhood, he enjoys learning, teaching, giving workshops, connecting with communities and helping developers discover their opportunities for innovation with APIs and ecosystems.

He has trained fellow software engineers, published scientific articles, spoken at international conferences, and has been featured in the O’Reilly’s book “97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know”.

Manasés Jesús at Cairo 2022

Manasés Jesús