The Wall of Awful: Tactics for summiting your most mountainous molehills

Have a task that’s supposed to be easy? You could do it in a snap? You know you really should get it done, and yet… you just can’t bring yourself to do it?

The Wall of Awful is a metaphor for emotional barriers that keep us from doing the things we supposedly want to do, created by Brendan Mahan. If you just can’t seem to get started or you have to yell at yourself like a drill sergeant to get going, the Wall of Awful can come in handy as a framework for discovering solutions that work for YOU. We will go over how the brain processes failures and threats, tactics that do not work or are unhealthy, and healthy tactics for getting past the wall and to your goal.


Trip Longworth

Trip is a rainbow-haired, queer devops nerd, that doesn’t believe work has to be as boring and painful as it currently is. They are a developer advocate at and help facilitate the Portland ...