Parenting makes me a better Product Manager

Since the start of the pandemic, parents have had to play full-time employees and full-time caregivers to our children. Far too often, we talk about our kids as a distraction from our core work, but the transition from individual to parent teaches us lessons about teamwork, empathy, and communication. As a Product Manager, I’ve found these lessons especially important as I strive to build products that make the world a better place for my kids and a workplace culture where they can thrive as adults. By sharing my experiences and challenges as a parent, I hope to combat the implicit bias in our culture that says performance at work suffers when we become parents, especially when women become mothers, and focus the conversation on how parenting helps us be better teammates, teaches us what’s really important for our users, and gives us the courage to create a better world for all our children.



Abby Allen

Abby Allen is a user-focused product manager, entrepreneur, engineer, and mom based near Minneapolis, MN. She recently joined PagerDuty as Senior Product Manager of the Notification Experience Team. ...