Advanced Kubernetes Troubleshooting with Open Source Tools

As engineers, operators, and administrators, we grapple with vexing and expensive problems. Support bottlenecks caused by technical language barriers, differing time zones, incomplete information, and other typically minor issues can extend the time between identifying an issue and resolving it by hours or even days. Fortunately, a fully open source toolset available called Troubleshoot can drastically reduce the time between diagnosis and solution.

This lightweight, fully customizable Kubernetes plugin consists of two parts - preflight and support-bundle. Troubleshoot is capable of collecting, analyzing, and packaging the data needed to get and keep your cluster operating at peak functionality. If it sounds too good to be true, just wait - it gets even better.

Join our live lab to see tiny-yet-mighty in action in a live demo, plus the opportunity to learn how to customize troubleshoot components to fit your needs.



Dexter Horthy

Dex has been hacking on cloud native tech at Replicated for over 5 years now. When he’s not collaborating with software teams or deploying his blog on Kubernetes, he enjoys overcomplicated ...