Git - Beyond Just Committing

Git - Beyond Just Committing!

At this point, all developers likely understand the need for version control for collaborating with their codebase. Further, most devs have mastered the basic art of Git commands like add, commit, branch, merge and pull requests.

Sure, Git tracks project snapshots over time, but did you know you have complete access to all of those changes, even ones you might think you have lost from a reset!

This talk will feature discussions of some of the hidden gems inside Git and a new way to think about your workflows!

Come out for a high-level discussion of:
Git squash - clean up your commit history! Git rebase - clean up your graph! Git cherry-pick - moving just what you want! Git reflog - see EVERYTHING Git does! Git gc - speed up Git! Git hooks - trigger automatic actions with Git events! Git worktree - no need to use stash to switch branches!



Dwayne McDaniel

Dwayne McDaniel has been working as a Developer Relations professional since 2015 and has been involved in the wider tech community since 2005. He loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm about ...