Devops Teams are the Data Privacy Champions We Need

By definition, DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology across dev teams, IT operations, quality engineering, and InfoSec to continually provide value to customers. You know what customers really value these days? Their privacy.

So what does this mean for DevOps folks? In this talk, I will make the case that every DevOps person in this room should rethink their role in consumer data privacy. Today, privacy is burdensome and reactive, the result of years of siloed privacy decision-making — legal and engineering teams speak different languages around personal data processing. Consequently, all of us spend hours manually tracking down personal data across disparate infrastructure, companies face huge privacy fines because they only addressed privacy risks post-deployment, and end-users sink deeper into an understandable distrust of tech systems. It doesn’t need to be this way.

The three things people will take away from this talk are:

  1. Privacy within the application development lifecycle is the future of DevOps
  2. Being a privacy champion means adopting ✨Continuous Privacy✨ as part of CI/CD
  3. Let’s do the right thing for all internet citizens, because we’re all citizens of the internet



Kelly Huang

Kelly is product leader with extensive software development and product strategy experience in fintech, ecommerce, AAA media, and healthcare IT. She has been responsible for the product vision and ...