Scaling DevOps practices with QA

Individual teams are making strides to have a better approach to software development that is in line with DevOps philosophy. But at a larger scale there are still many teams stuck under a backlog of work or in front of a fire hose of new expectations. One of the solutions we found is to mobilize the QA Engineers to help expand the capacity for cultural and process change.

In this talk I will focus on:

  • Our DevOps organizational pattern
  • Where is it working
  • Where it isn’t working
  • A false dichotomy between QA and DevOps
  • The cultural shift in QA thinking
    • Postmortems
    • Not about testing about a process that results in quality
    • Producing faster feedback loops
  • The technical shift in QA work
    • Clean code principles in tests Simple and focused as possible: API tests, Data Comparisons Minimize use of scripted workflows
    • Environmentally defined smoke tests Focus on reliable tests Clear prioritization Able to run fast
  • The results
    • Devs more interested in tests
    • Devs doing more to maintain tests
    • Quicker feedback to devs since it can be run on PR



Stephen Weinberg

My career is an example of the indirect route. I graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in East Asian Studies, taught English in Taiwan, worked as an Analyst, Project Manager and DBA at a ...