Pipelines as Code with Dagger


Dagger is really neat. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since it’s first non-alpha release at the beginning of 2022. It’s goal is to allow us to easily build CI/CD pipelines that can be debugged locally, while also taking advantage of a number of benefits it borrows from Docker. Since then I’ve been working with it on my side projects and am becoming more convinced that this is a tool worth using. In my talk I’ll walk through all the cool tricks Dagger has, how it differs from other Pipelines as code approaches, and some of the key gotchas. At the end of my talk you should have a solid idea of whether or not Dagger is something you should consider adding to your toolkit.



James Thomas


James has been a lifelong enthusiast of technology, and has been lucky enough to be paid to tinker with it for the past 15 years or so. He in particular has a fondness for infrastructure and CI/CD