Lessons learned on the path from Individual Contributor to CIO


Ever wonder what steps one takes from a career transition into manual QA from another career, to working one’s way up to CIO? In this talk I cover my journey, the lessons I learned and the mistakes I made to help inspire the audience, with authenticity and transparency, to follow the path they want.

In this talk, I cover my successes and failures and provide a road-map of activities to help the audience focus their career planning.

  • Topics will include
  • Goal setting
  • Being intentional with your career
  • Finding the right mentors
  • Building your brand
  • Keeping your skills current
  • Looking out for what is coming
  • Controversial topics as to what certifications and title matter.
  • Developing team talent
  • Hiring and releasing talent
  • How to build leaders
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Pivoting when necessary, but not quitting and most importantly, believing in yourself.



Thomas J. Sweet


Thomas Sweet is CIO of a private-equity backed venture in the DFW area focused in industrial construction. After switching from Civil Engineering in 1997, he started as a manual laptop tester and