Stop Focusing on Empathy. Start Managing Expectations.

A keystone practice in DevOps is empathy - it unlocks all sorts of cascading behaviors. Empathy is simple, similar to how running a marathon is simple: one foot in front of the other. Simple does not mean easy.

Instead, this talk explores managing expectations - with your developers, with your product people, with your team and with yourself - and focuses on how to think about and structure the interactions of those that depend on you. And maybe you get a little empathy along the way.

This talk is based on real world experiences of the DevTools team at Ping Identity, responsible for the secure deployment of applications and infrastructure for over 200 developers across the globe. By applying the lessons from the DevTools team you can achieve what they have achieved:

  • Predictable commitments
  • Stable injection work
  • Managed technical debt
  • Broken down silos
  • Happy people



Daniel Alvizu

Dan Alvizu is a well rounded engineer with backgrounds in leadership, operations, development, and quality. Dan worked for Ping Identity for fourteen years building digital identity SaaS products, ...