Christopher Avery, Ph.D.

Christopher Avery is among the most published, outspoken, and quoted authorities on personal and shared responsibility at work.

The author of two 5-star books and hundreds of articles and commentaries, Christopher serves evolving leaders, coaches, and leadership teams who

  • want to be wiser faster,
  • intend to lead themselves and others to results that matter,
  • know there is more light available to them, and
  • are open to the idea that their outer world changes when their inner world (mind, mindsets, culture) changes.

He’s convinced that 99.9% of leadership is self-leadership. If you are not leading yourself in ways that free you to be who you are, then you can’t very well lead others to results that matter. Christopher intends to accelerate performance, success, and happiness while increasing personal degrees of freedom, choice, and power.

Christopher Avery, Ph.D. at Des Moines 2022

Christopher Avery, Ph.D.