The Magical Art of Storytelling

Technology is complex and ever-changing, but one thing stays the same: humans and their love of stories. Great stories help us build connections, share ideas, and move people to action. An essential part of technical evangelism is inspiring people with product demos and ideas - showcasing what’s possible. The most memorable products are the ones that people can relate to.

In this talk, we will explore a process for crafting a narrative, identifying the audience and limitations, and delivering a compelling story. We’ll use influences from literature and storytelling techniques to show, not tell, establish credibility, and personalize experiences for our audience.

This session is for everyone: open source contributors, community leaders, and developer evangelists at large organizations.



Fatima Sarah Khalid

Fatima is an adventurous software engineer & open source contributor. She’s passionate about civic tech and committed to building more inclusive tech communities. She loves coding ...