Keep it simple stupid DevOps for startups

When we start we tend go with the best and most scalable solution for our project. Its easier in the start as only one person ( CTO) has to learn these things, and you don’t bother much learning new technologies. But as you grow in team and new people add up the tech enthusiasm changes to management and to handle to handle all this you probably end up creating a devops team. Wondering what could be done to resolve this headache. You job was too focus on business and change fast, but you made your startup a giant behemoth that now needs specialized skill to handle.

The talk is a summed up capsule from the best industry practices, books, talks from famous CTO and CEO of startups who have learnt this lesson the hard way.



Aman Sharma

Co-Founder of, research tech company, and Lead at, opensource mobile web community. He is a TechSpeaker and writes on AMP,PWA,Web,Cloud, ML/AI. Aman has worked with various ...