Architecting Atlas: How To Handle The Immense Traffic of a Successful Influencer Campaign

A true story on how we learned how to handle the immense web traffic caused by a successful influencer campaign. How we built a platform with Karpenter and Keda for rapid and massive auto-scaling and the effects this had on our platform.



Anneke Keller

Anneke Keller is the CTO at Wehkamp & a member of the advisory board for WWF.koen-roumen

Koen Roumen

At Wehkamp I am responsible for the teams that work on Store and Platform technology. Five teams at “Store” and another five teams at “Platform” report (indirectly) to me. The teams are mature and ...kees-bakker

Kees Bakker

I’m passionate about programming, effectiveness and the beauty of a well-structured architecture. Besides hardcore coding, I like to coach and explain complex information to people. I love to take