Why DevOps is like firefighting at sea

October 1993, 08:30 pm, somewhere at the Atlantic. Firealalarm goes of, beeep beeeep, fire in the back engineroom!!

A few hours later everything is under control and calm again. In 1993 I was part of the fire attack crew, in 2022 I’m working as a DevOps coach and realize that there are much similarities between DevOps and firefighting at sea. By telling the story of the fire and explaining all the steps involved I will show you the similarities to modern IT teams, share some of the practices that helped us take control of the situation in minutes and explain why we should also apply them at our DevOps teams, because s#!t will happen oneday and we better are ready for it.



Danny Higler

Danny is an experienced agile practitioner with a solid technical background. After spending 5 years on a Navy frigate as mechanical engineer he (re)discovered his passion for IT. Starting in 2000 as ...